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Low-Income Energy Assistance Program & Low-Income Home Water Assistance Program



This program is available to eligible households once per winter season (which typically begin on November 1st) depending on the release of federal funds. This program provides assistance for a household's main heating source. LIHEAP pays a one-time, set benefit amount directly to the utility company. 



This program is available to eligible households once per season. LIHEAP Crisis is available if a household's Intermountain Gas or Idaho Power is at risk of disconnection or has been disconnected. An eligible household can receive both LIHEAP & LIHEAP Crisis. LIHEAP Crisis is available year-round, pending funding.



This program is available to eligible households once per season. LIHWAP uses federal money to help low-income families pay for home drinking water and wastewater services. El-Ada pays the water benefit directly to the utility company. LIWHAP currently serves: Garden City, Boise City Utility, Suez, Star, West Boise Sewer District and Kuna. Elmore and Owhyee county offices can assist with Glenns Ferry, City of Marsing and City of Grandview.

Our Impact


El-Ada assisted 7,902 households with energy assistance in FY 2021. 

El-Ada assisted 2,673 households with crisis energy assistance in FY 2021. 


Determine Eligibility: Eligibility for all programs is based on gross income for one month of all household members. Income guidelines can be found here. Utilities must be in a household member's name to receive a benefit.

Open an Application: Eligible households with active SNAP (formally known as Food Stamps) can complete an application over the phone. For clients who do not receive SNAP, the application options include online (for Boise residents), email, pick-up from one of our offices, and in some cases, mail. Outreach is available for disabled and elderly clients who cannot drive. 

Complete an Application: To complete an application, each household member must provide verification of income. Households must also submit a copy of their utility bill and provide information about each member of their household. Once the application is complete and the household is determined income eligible, El-Ada will pay the benefit directly to the utility company.

Call (208) 322-1242 or email with any questions.

Application Process
Income Eligibilty
60% of the State Median Income
150% of the Poverty Income Guidelines
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